Latin for Local History: An Introduction 1st ed.

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Romulus founds Rome. Brutus, the rape of Lucretia, and the expulsion of Tarquin. Brutus, Valerius Publicola, and the beginnings of the Republic. Very fragmentary. Porsenna becomes Rome's ally. Serious dissension between the patricians and the plebeians, mostly over debts, threatens Rome's survival. Establishment of the office of dictator. The Aventine secession of the plebs.

The first tribunes of the plebs. War with the Volsci. Treason of Coriolanus: Rome saved by his mother and his wife. Internecine warfare between patricians and plebeians, with bouts of unity brought about by wars against the Etruscans, the Aequi, and the Sabines. The Laws of the Twelve Tables. The establishment of the offices of consular tribune and of censor. Wars with the Etruscans, with Veii.

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The dictator Camillus celebrates a triumph. Description of a Roman triumph. War with the Faliscans. War with the Gauls. The Capitol besieged. Marcus Capitolinus attempts to take power: he is thwarted and killed. Camillus dictator for several terms. The story of the Lacus Curtius. War with the Latins. Harshness of Manlius Torquatus. Wars with the Samnites and with Capua. The tribunes annul the debts of the people. War with Tarentum and Pyrrhus, king of Epirus: in a first stage, they are successful.

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Defeat of Tarentum and Pyrrhus. The Romans intervene in the internal struggles of the Volsinii, on the side of the nobility. First Punic War, fought mostly in Sicily and the islands. Duilius builds Rome's first navy. Rectitude and bravery of Regulus, hostage to the Carthaginians. Rome is victorious in the First Punic War. Rome intervenes in Greek affairs. Second Punic War: reverses. Fabius Maximus, elected dictator, opts for a passive policy in order to wear out the enemy; from which he acquires the name of The Delayer Cunctator.

Second Punic War: the disaster at Cannae. The Romans successfully besiege Syracuse. Death of Archimedes. Second Punic War: Scipio's successful campaigns in Spain. The Carthaginians defeated. After the Punic war: war with Philip of Macedonia. The Carthaginians stir up the Gauls on Rome's other flank.

Battle of Cynoscephalae. Philip defeated.

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Cato: his stance on the sumptuary laws, his dealings with Spain. Rome becomes further embroiled in Greece.

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War with Antiochus. Death of Hannibal, an exile in Bithynia. War against Perseus. Dealings with Rhodes, Cappadocia, Egypt.

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  • Campaign against Dalmatia. Third Punic War. War against Corinth. Both end in total victory for the Romans. Carthage and Corinth destroyed. Very fragmentary Wars in Spain: the rebellion of Viriathus. The demagoguery of Tiberius Gracchus. The Bacchanalian scandal.

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    Wars against the Cimbri and the Marsians. Very fragmentary Mithridatic Wars. Civil war: Marius and Cinna and the proscriptions. Mithridatic War and Armenian campaigns. Pompey against the pirates. Julius Caesar's first consulate. Exile of Cicero. Caesar against the Helvetii. Gallic War, continued. Caesar crosses into Britain.

    Ptolemy expelled from Egypt and restored. Caesar crosses into Britain a second time.

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    Crassus goes to war against the Parthians, is defeated and killed. Clodius and Milo. Beginning of the rift between Caesar and Pompey. Caesar crosses the Rubicon: civil war. Caesar's war in Spain. Caesar and Pompey in Macedonia: battle of Dyrrhachium; battle of Pharsalus, in which Pompey is defeated.

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    Pompey flees to Egypt and dies there. Caesar in Egypt. Honors voted to Caesar in Rome. Caesar and Cleopatra. Caesar defeats Scipio and conquers Numidia. Suicide of Cato of Utica. Caesar's triumphs celebrated in Rome. Ground broken for the Forum of Caesar. The Julian calendar reform. Caesar defeats Gnaeus Pompey in Spain. Caesar: personality cult leads to his murder. His funeral. Character of Julius Caesar's nephew and heir Octavian.

    Rift between Octavian and Antony. Cicero against Antony. Octavian defeats Antony at Mutina. Proscriptions under the Third Triumvirate. Battle of Philippi: Brutus and Crassus defeated. More tangled relationships under the Third Triumvirate.