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Did you just try and guess until you found something that worked. Or did you work out with logic and algebra what it must be?

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    Post as a guest Name. All courses. Algebra 1 Discovering expressions, equations and functions Overview Expressions and variables Operations in the right order Composing expressions Composing equations and inequalities Representing functions as rules and graphs. Algebra 1 Exploring real numbers Overview Integers and rational numbers Calculating with real numbers The Distributive property Square roots.

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    Algebra 1 How to solve linear equations Overview Properties of equalities Fundamentals in solving equations in one or more steps Ratios and proportions and how to solve them Similar figures Calculating with percents About Mathplanet. Algebra 1 Visualizing linear functions Overview The coordinate plane Linear equations in the coordinate plane The slope of a linear function The slope-intercept form of a linear equation. Algebra 1 Formulating linear equations Overview Writing linear equations using the slope-intercept form Writing linear equations using the point-slope form and the standard form Parallel and perpendicular lines Scatter plots and linear models.

    Algebra 1 Linear inequalitites Overview Solving linear inequalities Solving compound inequalities Solving absolute value equations and inequalities Linear inequalities in two variables.

    Writing a formula from a sequence

    Algebra 1 Systems of linear equations and inequalities Overview Graphing linear systems The substitution method for solving linear systems The elimination method for solving linear systems Systems of linear inequalities. Algebra 1 Exponents and exponential functions Overview Properties of exponents Scientific notation Exponential growth functions. Algebra 1 Radical expressions Overview The graph of a radical function Simplify radical expressions Radical equations The Pythagorean Theorem The distance and midpoint formulas.

    Algebra 1 Rational expressions Overview Simplify rational expression Multiply rational expressions Division of polynomials Add and subtract rational expressions Solving rational expressions. Functions, domain, range, zeros.

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    Intermediate Algebra Problems With Answers - sample 5. Worksheet 2. Worksheet 3. Worksheet 4.

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    Worksheet 5. Worksheet 6. College Algebra Questions with Answers sample 1. Also Detailed solutions with full explanations are included sample 2.