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Just a suggestion, though it may seem a bit too self-serving for your taste: You might consider putting links to sites that the books can be purchased in this area. If I were to do it, I would have the picture of the cover be a clickable link to the Discussion Page for that book, and on the Discussion Page, that is where I would list the links of locations, which will take me directly to the site that I can purchase the book.

Thanks for asking. For the last decade or so a sadness has crept into my heart.

I miss Kragar! I would think that Vlad probably feels the same way only more so. I have thought that while the mystery surrounding Kragar is in and of itself an enjoyable enigma. I was perusing the bookstore one day when someone recommended the Vlad Taltos novels. Not wanting to commit myself to a purchase yet, I borrowed the whole series from the library which I read through in about two weeks.

Thanks kindly. The Vlad Taltos series is far and away my favorite series of books. Nuncupatory: Thanks for the correction. If someone has a list of the stories, I could post a link, but the idea of putting one together is too daunting. I love your books. Anyway unfortunately few have been published in Spanish, do you know if there is any plan to publish them in Spanish?

Thanks, Carlos. But I was fairly pleased with that story, and have no reason to disavow it. Brust, thank you. If you never write another past Hawk, I would owe you a great debt, but I wistfully hope to see some burning questions answered in time. I find your comments on your own works fascinating and enjoy your website as much as any I can remember visiting. I was curious why some but not all of your novels are available in eBook format. You are one of my favorite authors and I would very much like to have all your works in electronic form.

It has to do with what I have rights to, and what Berkely wants to do. That makes sense. Why limit your readership? Seems crazy. Love your writing. I have turned many friends to the Vlad series and all have been hooked like I was. Keep them coming….

Hin-Yat Tsang – Etude in F major Op. 10 No. 8 (first stage)

I drive for work a great deal and have become a user of Audible; several of your works are there already — any chance that your non-Vlad, non-Dragaeran works will go to Audible… say yes? Hello Mr Brust. Been a fan for many years. Thank you for the hours of entertainment.

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How is the first draft of Hawk coming along? This is the time I usually get the thrill of the count down till the new Vlad book!! Just wanted to say how much I adore your writing style from the Viscount of Andrilanka series. That series is something else me and my Ex will always have in common and can actually agree on and laugh about! I love the evolution of your epic characters and am waiting with bated breath for your latest twisty and turny plot shift!! Thanks for the kind words, Mia.

Yet I still manage to find something new, something I missed or something I finally understood the right way every time. Thank you for your amazing story telling! I look forward to Hawk when it lands. I love the Talos books. I read them all multiple times. I have read a lot of books and i find the Talos story the best i ever read in my live. If wish they would make movies of them instead of the hobbit. Hi Steven, all i can say is that you have an ability to write books that can be re-read and still be fresh.. I have loved this series since the first book.

Many things that happened in my life seemed to parallel Vlad, y marriage my divorce, my kid being raised without me being in his life, I thank you for your insight into the character and helping me to gain better insight into myself. By far this has been one of the most unique settings I have ever read about. For years I wanted to make a dungeons and dragons type of game based on this world to share it with my friends who though they are fantasy fans are not as avid readers as myself. I am curious why you have not yourself either attempted to create some sort of RPG or be willing to work with someone else to do so.

Dzur (Vlad Taltos, #10) by Steven Brust

Anyway, thank you once again for you dedication and I hope you finish the series while i can still read age and time do bad things to eyes. The audible books are great, but they have the wrong art up for some showing your collections as a single work I have both so I know. Always a pleasure to read and now listen to your work.

May the days of joy be slow and eternal and those not so great at the pace you desire, best wishes, Ed. Was curious about the progress of the next Vlad novel, which brought me to the dream cafe.

Summary Bibliography: Steven Brust

I am so glad that your sister is doing so much better. I have all of your books and find myself re-reading the old ones until the new one comes out. I am looking forward to Hawk, but understand that the release might be delayed due to the current circumstances. I wish you and your family well and hope for the best of outcomes. I think I would have been cool with letting go of Vlad until I read Issola. That ending wrecked me so hard I dreamed about it for weeks. The beginning of Tiassa had me itchy because of the chronology, but oh man did that turn out fine. Just had this thought: Who would be the optimal reader for any work by Paarfi?

All possibilities are making me laugh, and none seem to work. Makes for a fun mental game, though. So far, I find it predictable and too complimentary of the main character. Those two combine to make reading it a little boring. I was wondering — can you perhaps get a message to Vlad for me? I have an offer for him should he decide to perhaps resume his old profession.

Perhaps Paarfi could write something on the even earlier history of the Dragaeran world: say, perhaps, when Verra and the other servants of the Jenoine rebelled and overthrew their masters? Talk about a saga! I had a lot of fun considering the probable reactions of your characters in similar circumstances…. Besides, I was not in any danger; I had a pleasant chat with the security team leader, in which I mentioned that my father had put in 35 years in the RAF.

He had put in a mere 24 years in the Marines, and thus he would literally rather have died than see me raising an eye brow in his direction as I was hauled off as a hostage. For those unaccustomed to the military, I should explain that only civilians believe that the enemy are the people you are shooting at. The real enemy are the other armed forces on your own side…. Pingback: Dreamcafe. Now When you are done with the entire Vlad Series, I do hope that you pick my pocket by selling a leather bound set of the entire series!

I miss Kragar too. Hope that the draft is still on track, and any health issues with you and yours are well under control. I read The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars almost 20 years ago and loved it, but unfortunately lost track of it. More recently my boyfriend now husband introduced me to your other books and I became a huge fan. Slightly later I discovered that the author of the Taltos books and The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars was the same person, and was quite excited to rediscover it, since it inspires me to do more creative things whenever I read it. I also love that you describe the Paarfi books as being almost too much fun to write, since I tend to feel that way about reading them.

Anyway, I hope you keep writing for many years, I want to learn as much as you can tell us about what happens to the characters and Dragaria.

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I am very much looking forward to reading Hawk! The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars..