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Please note that altered or used scope rings will not be exchanged.

Proofmarks & Year Codes

Note: Because of the complex US export laws and costs associated with the export of firearm parts, this option is not available to our foreign customers. Please contact the Ruger distributor in your country for information on obtaining scope rings. Can I have my 'old model' single-action revolver serviced or order parts for it without having the conversion kit installed?

In order to encourage our customers to take advantage of the free safety update, no service work will be done on the 'old model' single-action revolvers unless the conversion kit is installed.

Trigger warning

We also will not sell parts for the revolver unless it has been converted. If firearms sent in for service are found to be altered, they may be brought back to factory specifications at the discretion of Sturm, Ruger and at the expense of the customer. So please remove any custom parts and accessories prior to shipment to Ruger for service. The Magnuson-Moss Act Public Law does not require any seller or manufacturer of a consumer product to give a written warranty.

It does provide that if a written warranty is given, it must be designated as "limited" or as "full" and sets minimum standards for a "full" warranty. There are certain implied warranties under state law with respect to sales of consumer goods. As the extent and interpretation of these implied warranties varies from state to state, you should refer to your state statutes.

Can I purchase scope rings online? Please visit ShopRuger. Can I place a parts order online? We currently offer spare parts for many of our firearms.

On this page:

Visit shopruger. For more information about parts, visit our Parts Ordering Page. Will Ruger repair fire damaged firearms? We cannot service firearms that have been damaged by fire or corrosion. Please call the Service Department for more information. However, be sure any firearm is completely unloaded before dry firing! Are different sights available for my shotgun? Yes, different sights are available. If you'd like to purchase new sights, please visit ShopRuger.

Unintended discharges

What comes with my Ruger SR? Watch Video. Rotating clockwise results in rightward adjustments. Counterclockwise rotations move the sights leftward.

The History of Firearm Identification by James Hamby -

Elevation adjustment can be accomplished by rotating right, threading the sight post inward and lowering it, thus raising impact. If you turn left and thread the sight-post out, you will raise the sight-post and lower bullet impact.

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One way to tell if you are on the correct setting is to observe ejection pattern. When firing, the brass should eject just to your right. You don't need to. They are made to outlast the barrel. Our testing has shown that even without cleaning or lubrication, the transfer rod and spring will outlast the barrel. From the two-stage piston to the adjustable regulator, many features have been introduced to limit the effects of carrier tilt.

NCJRS Abstract

How do I remove the flash suppressor on my rifle? A Torx T60 bit can be used to remove the suppressors, all of which are installed with standard, right hand threads. Can I shoot 5. Please note that "Military Surplus" 5.

Can I have a factory synthetic stock fitted to my rifle if it was initially shipped with a wood stock? Yes, but only for certain models and at the customer's expense. Please contact the Customer Service Department directly at Please be sure to have your firearm's serial number available when you call. Ruger recommends using factory ammunition loaded to U.

Improper ammunition destroys guns!

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How do I properly insert and remove these magazines? Rather, the magazine must be inserted at an angle and then locked into place by rocking it in, front to rear, and removed by rocking it out, rear to front. Also, for higher capacity magazines , , or round , relatively higher amounts of force may be required.

A Beginners Guide To Caliber

Can I have my rifle fitted with a different length barrel than the one with which it was initially shipped? No, we do not offer fitting of different barrel lengths or calibers on rifles. Are different sights available for my rifle? Is this true and, if so, why was this change made? Ruger engineers are always looking for ways to improve our products, including evaluating new and evolving technologies and materials. The benefits of polymers are many, including improved impact resistance, an unmatched ability to withstand the elements, and of course weight savings.

Accordingly, polymers are routinely used in firearms that are subjected to heavy use in harsh conditions, law enforcement and military applications in particular. The new trigger group features injection molded components of high tech polymer for an improved product with closer manufacturing tolerances.

The firearm is as reliable and, because the color is incorporated into the polymer of the injection molded components, the finish will never wear off due to normal use or unexpected abrasion. We will, however, continue to service these models.

If you need service or repair, please contact the Service Department. The complete rifle must be sent to our Prescott Customer Service Department. Click here for shipping contact information. Factory specifications are 6 to 10 lbs. As a result, a hammer blow can be transmitted to the firing pin only when the trigger is pulled all the way to the rear.

This is a positive internal safety feature.

What’s the Difference Between a Pistol and a Revolver?

By design, the transfer bar is allowed some movement within the fire control mechanism so that trigger pull is not affected. Due to this necessary "play" in the transfer bar, a shooter will sometimes hear the transfer bar "rattle" when the revolver is shaken. This cylinder latch rides on the outside circumference of the cylinder where the stop notches are cut in the cylinder. The cylinder latch is designed to leave a line around the outside of the cylinder between the notches. This is normal and is an indication that your revolver is functioning properly.