No Doubt About It: Fifty-Two Timeless Truths to Sustain Us During Times of Turmoil

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I love that the creator of the universe wanted to send us His words, and those words speak to us individually as well as to all people. We can spend time learning, being guided, and inspired. What I love most about the bible is how God picks the verses that I most need to hear. That is, I read it over and over, but He continually makes His word fresh to me.

Such a beautiful bible—thanks for the chance to win! Since my mom passed away in November, I have started using her Bible, the Bible she studied every single day. She was 91 when she died and the strongest Christian woman I know.

Thoughts on history, capitalism, and Marxism

Mom wrote things in the margins as she studied. Every time I am feeling down, I open her Bible and it opens to a page with just the message I need, referencing the exact verses I need at the moment. He reminds us that He loves us, that He is our salvation and will protect us and help us. His word fills our hearts with strength and courage.

His word reminds us of all His promises! It is my knowledge when I know I have much to learn.

Thoughts on history, capitalism, and Marxism

It is my pick me up when I am down. It is my tame me when I am flying high. It is my calm when I am anxious. It is the peace to my fear. It is my hope when it all feels hopeless. It brings me joy when I am sad, depressed or miserable. It is all there waiting for me to stop and remember to open it, read, meditate and pray on it.

Remember is the key. No matter what the medical reason may be for a requested test from my doctor. I always say to myself, well, no matter what the results may be — God and I are handling the problem. Because everyday those ancient words of truth are still able to powerfully and personally embody the mutable moments that lie ahead. It has always existed and it will go on forever. As Christians, we are partnered in that eternity! Christ is the Word. We are engrafted with the Word; we are born of the Word.

With that engrafted Word, we become focused no longer on the kingdom of man, but the Kingdom of God.

I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy…

It lifts us up and fills our souls! It brings strength and courage! It lets us know that He will always be with us no matter what we face! God is everything to me and I know with Him I can do anything! You are such a blessing and an example of what God does in the lives of people. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God!

God is Love! Love never fails!

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The Word is God! God is His Word. I can trust God — what He says — and know He loves me beyond any doubt, any storm, any upsets in life. The truth is God is in me and I will not fall, again because my God is in me. I would love to read that statement every time I read my bible.

I am about to complete my first book called, Continuous Peace. Your above statement gripped my heart and wrapped itself around me like a big hug from my Maker… who has once again confirmed his calling me to this magnificent step. His Word is so key to life and life abundantly! This bible cover conveys clearly with Him in us… we will not fall. His Word in us lights the way on our path! Thank you for explaining… the Ephesians speaking to one another with psalms… it is clear now, to speak, sing, memorize and share, the amazing Truths in the psalms!

Thank you. Your life inspires me. Your love for the Lord, His Word and His daughters was and is amazing, healing and encouraging. You are a rolemodel as a faithful, honest, Truthfilled, and fervent follower of His.

You have impacted me greatly. I also love the Lord, His Word and His previous daughters! My prayers and heart are with you!!! With much love and gratitude, Dawn Marasco. I love all things God.

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He has blessed me far beyond even my imagination. The Holy Bible. Sometimes I try to push that Voice away. Sometimes I just put it on my lap, or hold it close. It brings me comfort, when I need comfort.

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It brings me healing , when I need healing. But, it also tells me not to be selfish, I am to share His Word with others.

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Thank you so much Sweet Sista Liz for your ministry. You bless us all by being obedient to His Word. The Holy Soirit speaks to my heart through His word, when I need it most. It only cost me to humble myself and pray for His guidance. I love that it is a pertinent today as the day it was written. My mother used to say if you want to read a book, the Bible is the one to read. There is nothing to which you cannot find a relevant passage from the Bible to address the issue.

Thanks, Liz, for sharing these encouraging thoughts.

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  • Obedience is such an important key walking with the Lord. I love the promises I find in His word. They bring great comfort and strength. I love the way His word is always new and has such power to touch my heart. Blessings to you and Bill as you settle into your new home. Moving is no easy task! His truth is always with us. It speaks to me in ways that I never imagined! If I am having a problem, all I have to do is grab my Bible and start reading!

    It is amazing how His word is relevant in any all situations, and across all time, and all people. I love how no matter how many times I read the Bible or parts of it , I find new meaning. I am amazed when I look back at what I have read before and realize how it applies to me just how I need it to right in that moment. It never ceases to amaze me how alive the Word is! I just read a familiar scripture that pastor was using as part of his sermon and was so overjoyed at just ONE word in one verse. That word was life changing!

    Autobiography of a Yogi

    Thank you Liz! This was breath taking, so beautiful! Then Congratulations on the sale of your home! And the wonderful blessing you left behind in the barn, a constant reminder of the generous Love of Christ! Thank you! One of the many, many things I love about the Bible is its hope.

    Also, its freshness…i. Thank you Liz for the chance to win this beautiful Bible! Also, congrats on the sale of your home…all the time, God is good! There are so many things that I love about the Word of God! When I read His Word with an open heart and an open mind, in humility, I find Him there in the pages! I find His will and purpose for my life, and I find His promises to me which He is faithful to fulfill!

    Thank you, Liz, for being such an encouragement to me and stretching and challenging me in my walk with the Lord!

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