Speechless: The Erosion of Free Expression in the American Workplace (BK Currents)

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Nominator's comments: Time to sticky again.

The stories are still most definitely there, and have been every single day. If you want to find them, just clear your cookies and cache Google algorithms like to show you only the kinds of things you normally look for , then go to Google News and type in your choice of Syria, Tunesia, Egypt very tense situation there re Israeli-Egypt treaty, one of only two Israel has with the Arabic world , or Yemen.

For the others, you have to search a little more, but they are there. Nominator's comments: this probably has a snowball's chance in hell, but I thought I would nominate it regardless.

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The only current quarterback who has a chance of beating this record is Peyton Manning and that is very unlikely. Crnorizec talk , 10 October UTC. Nominator's comments: Highest T20 cricket tournament for domestic T20 teams. I know I will be stretching it to compare it to the Football Champions League, but this is roughly the equivalent of the same for Cricket.

Nominator's comments: The winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences will be announced in about 10 hours. Obviously, the article needs to be updated appropriately before posting. The winners have been announced. Nominator's comments: This is Belgium's biggest bank going down. According to the NYT article, Dexia "is the biggest euro zone bank failure in quite some time". France and Belgium will buy different parts of the bank.

He's widely considered one of the most important people in the history of one of the world's most popular leagues. It has gotten international coverage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. News source s : BBC Article updated. News source s : [1] Article needs updating. News source s : The Associated Press Aljazeera. News source s : [14] Article needs updating. News source s : Westlife to split up Article needs updating.

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News source s : BBC Article needs updating. News source s : Al Jazeera Article needs updating. Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D. News source s : [24] Nominated by Measles and cholera have also broken out among more than , Somalian refugees living in refugee camps outside Somalia. Sargent talk , history and Christopher A. Sargent and Christopher A. The Australian The Government of Japan intervenes to reduce the exchange rate of the Japanese yen with the United States dollar after the yen reached record highs.

AP via Atlanta Journal Constitution [ permanent dead link ] Politics and elections Kizza Besigye , the leader of Uganda 's political opposition, is arrested while leading a "walk to work" protest. Los Angeles Times. AP via Google News The interim Prime Minister of Libya Mahmoud Jibril confirms the presence of chemical weapons in Libya under the Gaddafi regime and announces that weapons inspectors would be visiting the country to help get rid of them. AP via Washington Post Business and economy Fair Work Australia orders the Australian airline Qantas and its unions to reach an agreement within 21 days meaning that services will resume on Monday.

Financial Times Voters in Kyrgyzstan go to the polls for a Presidential election with Almazbek Atambayev winning in a landslide. The Hindu Voters in Bulgaria went to the polls for the second round of a presidential election with Rosen Plevneliev of Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria being elected. AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution [ permanent dead link ]. Armed conflict and attacks Syrian uprising : Syrian security forces attack the city of Homs with fighter jets and tanks , killing at least 3.

The Australian Business The Australian airline Qantas grounds its entire fleet due to an ongoing industrial dispute with a lockout to start on Monday. AP via News OK. Armed conflicts and attacks A Wahhabi Islamist armed with hand grenades and an automatic weapon opens fire outside the United States embassy in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo , resulting in two people being injured, including the gunman. AP via Google Arts and culture The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow reopens following a six-year renovation which has restored it to its pre- revolution state.

1st Sunday, (Year A) = The Baptism of the Lord

The Guardian Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr is released from jail after her sentence for acting in the banned film My Tehran for Sale is reduced. Christian Science Monitor Business and economy South Korea manufacturer Samsung supersedes Apple to become the largest maker of smartphones in the world. Reuters Disasters A 6. No reports of casualties are issued. ABC News Australia Leaders of the 16 countries which have the British monarch as their head of state agree to change succession laws so that sons and daughters of the monarch have equal succession rights and can marry a Roman Catholic.

Higgins wins the Irish presidential election. The Journal The Obama administration orders an independent review of Department of Energy "clean-energy" loans following the bankruptcy of solar energy company Solyndra. Sports NBC Sports. CNN 18 people are killed and at least 36 wounded by twin bombings in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Belfast Telegraph A bomb explodes in a food market in the Pakistani city of Peshawar , injuring at least 11 people. Washington Post Business and economy Trading on the Australian Stock Exchange is suspended for four hours due to a technical fault.

Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan

AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution [ permanent dead link ] European Union leaders agree to a deal to reduce Greece's debts and provide an additional billion euros for a bailout fund. Bangkok Post [ permanent dead link ] The death toll from the Van earthquake in Turkey reaches , with rain and snow making conditions worse for people left homeless by the earthquake. The Irish Times Dr Giles Fraser , the canon chancellor of London 's St Paul's Cathedral , announces his resignation from the post, as police prepare to remove Occupy London protesters from the cathedral's churchyard.

Dr Fraser said he could not condone the use of violence against the demonstrators. AP via Washington Post Science Researchers in the United Kingdom use a pioneering gene therapy technique to treat sufferers of ocular defects such as retinal choroideremia. The win forces Game 7, also to occur in St.

Louis , Missouri. Washington Post. Armed conflicts and attacks Syrian uprising : At least 17 people are reported dead in Syria , as fighting continues between the government and opposition groups. CNN A bomb hidden in a fuel truck kills at least 5 people and injures 45 in Afghanistan 's Parwan province. One , the most expensive Bollywood film to date, is released to coincide with the Hindu festival of Diwali.

BBC Tsuyoshi Kikukawa resigns as the President and Chairman of Olympus Corporation , as financial and law enforcement bodies in Japan , the United States and the United Kingdom investigate the optical equipment company's acquisitions in recent years.

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CNN Turkish earthquake : The search for survivors of the Van earthquake in eastern Turkey enters its third day, with confirmed deaths and over 1, injured. Reuters Daily Mail Turkey announces it will accept offers of aid from foreign countries to cope with the aftermath of the earthquake. AP via Google News International relations European Union leaders hold an emergency meeting to discuss the European sovereign debt crisis.

Daily Telegraph Twelve former officials in the military junta that ruled Argentina between and are given life sentences for their roles in the dirty war against political opponents, including Alfredo Astiz. Al-Jazeera Politics and elections Occupy Wall Street movement: In California , Oakland police disperse Occupy Oakland protesters, using tear gas and rubber bullets and making numerous arrests. DailyKos Reuters A U. Marine Corps veteran is reportedly left in serious but stable condition after the Oakland clashes.