Who Wins the Variable Annuity Versus Mutual Fund Battle?

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Under regulatory pressure, Voya restricts sales of more variable annuities

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Category:Online brokerages. Additional annual expenses known as mortality expense and administrative fees are also included. These annual expenses, which are often combined with the riders attached benefits for specific needs? The additional rider charges are often necessary expenses so that investor can receive guaranteed payouts, principal protection, increased payouts, etc.

Annuities vs. Mutual Funds | The Complete Guide | Trust Point

Annuities also have surrender periods and corresponding surrender charges. Typically these surrender periods are between five and seven years, or even longer for some annuity contracts. The surrender charge is often reduced the further a surrender period extends. A caveat to the charges is that most annuities allow the investor to draw up to 10 percent annually without paying surrender charges.

However, if the annuity owner needs to take a large distribution during this period, they may be obligated to pay the corresponding surrender charge in addition to any potential tax liabilities. Taxes and early distribution penalties are additional costs associated with annuities. Since annuities are tax-deferred vehicles assuming they are held outside an IRA , the investment earnings will be taxed as ordinary income.

When an annuity is held within an IRA, distributions are fully taxable as ordinary income. This penalty applies to annuities held within an IRA as well. Investors will want to be sure to contact their tax specialist when considering distribution strategies with their annuities. In addition to the higher tax rates on the investment earnings, annuity beneficiaries will miss out on the step-up in cost basis. Therefore any gains in the account will require the beneficiaries to pay taxes in order to receive the inherited portion of the account.

Difference Between Variable Mutual Funds vs Fixed Indexed Annuities

The decision to use an annuity directly affects what benefit the beneficiaries named on the contract can expect to receive. With annuities, there are essentially two different phases; accumulation and distribution. In the accumulation phase, the investor has purchased the annuity with a lump sum contribution with the intent of growing the balance.

If the annuitant dies during this phase, the designated beneficiaries would receive the death benefit of the annuity. Once the annuitant has implemented the distribution phase, they have traded all assets of the annuity for a version of guaranteed income for life, joint life or a certain period.

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This means if the annuitant passes away, the income is only guaranteed for their life, the life of a surviving beneficiary, or for a certain number of years. Mutual funds are cost effective and important pieces of a properly diversified portfolio. They are appropriate for both qualified accounts, such as an IRA, and non-qualified accounts, such as a brokerage account.

Fees associated with mutual funds should always be an important consideration.

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This includes the investment management fees and portfolio expenses; the fees charged by mutual funds to invest with them. This includes all income and capital gains that are reinvested within the fund. Additionally, all trades and sales within these accounts are given the preferential tax treatment of not having to pay taxes on gains. Non-qualified accounts are held to a different set of tax rules. But capital gains are taxed at significantly lower tax rates than taxable income.

For example, ordinary taxable income can range from 10 percent to Taxes on long-term capital gains range from 0 percent to a maximum of 20 percent.

Please consult your accountant or IRS. Mutual funds are not only an important part of a well-diversified portfolio; they are given special treatment by the IRS as part of an overall estate plan. This is an incredible advantage of a mutual fund and is available to everyone. When comparing annuities to mutual funds, there are several clear advantages for mutual funds.

Annuities vs. Mutual Funds for Retirement

These include:. Ultimately, when the investor decides to consider annuities as part of their overall portfolio, they will want to research and understand the real costs of the product they are buying. The articles and opinions in this publication are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Want to learn what's best for you?

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Meet with our TrustPoint experts for a no-cost consultation. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. We are invested in variable annuities, via Northwetern. We noted the Assets under management cost recentlyt. We are looking at a fixed annuity , I think via Metropolitian? Several years ago, my husband had the misfortune of having his department closed and several of the folk, like us in the later 50 and now in the mid-sixties, have had difficulty finding decent paid employment.